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WDS Member of the Month: Chantal Baumgartner

We would like to introduce you to Chantal Baumgartner, who is our member of the month for July. It is the first time we have featured someone who is part of the “Swiss abroad” community, as she now lives and works in Ireland. Having previously worked at some iconic Swiss brands, she now works at Pinterest as an Account Manager.

Chantal cares a lot about Diversity and Inclusion, inspired by her early experiences travelling and the positive work culture in her current role, which fits right in with the Women in Digital Switzerland vision.

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Chantal Baumgartner
I joined WDS to connect with like-minded women in the digital industry, learn from their experiences, and contribute to the empowerment of women in technology and digital roles.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a digital marketer and sales professional with a passion for the tech industry. This is why I moved from Lucerne to Dublin to join Pinterest as Account Manager two years ago. As Account Manager at Pinterest I consult large to mid-size retail brands in the DACH region on our advertising solutions and help them to run successful marketing campaigns on Pinterest.

Going abroad has been by far the bravest decision I’ve made in my life and was driven by following my two most important dreams: a) living in another country and b) working for a global tech company. Moving to a country I've never been before in the middle of a pandemic and leaving behind family & friends was definitely challenging in the beginning. But this quickly changed when I met inspiring people from all over the world, made a ton of friends, discovered the beautiful green island with its endless beaches and cliffs - and lastly - fell in love with the Irish music & pub culture.

Before joining Pinterest I studied International Management at the FHNW in Olten and the University of Sunshine Coast in Australia. This dual degree master program has equipped me with the necessary skills for an international career. During that time I was working in the global Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE team as Digital Project Manager in Lucerne.

What was your first interaction with WDS and how was it for you? I joined WDS in April 2023 and was pleasantly surprised when I was invited to take part in the Member of the Month initiative. I am excited about the opportunity to share my experiences and insights with such an empowering community of women in the digital field.

What was your reason for joining WDS?

The reason I joined WDS was primarily to connect with like-minded women in the digital industry, learn from their experiences, and contribute to the empowerment of women in technology and digital roles.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us! One interesting fact about me is that when I was just 16 years old, I had the incredible opportunity to travel along the Chinese Silk Road with my geography class. Our geography teacher was a big fan of China and its rich history, and that inspired this memorable journey. It was an eye-opening experience that ignited my passion for travel and different cultures.

Is there a professional achievement that you are especially proud of?

I am especially proud of my experience as a Speaker at various events all over Europe, representing Pinterest. It has been an incredible journey, and I've had the privilege to share my expertise and insights with diverse audiences. I spoke at the Social Media Conference in Hamburg, and the Webstage Masters event in Zurich. I have also presented Pinterest to agencies that visited our headquarters in Dublin. One of the highlights was holding a masterclass where I shared valuable tips and strategies on how to be successful at Pinterest as an advertiser.

Being an advocate for Pinterest has been a fulfilling aspect of my career. Seeing fellow marketers and businesses thrive on Pinterest after implementing our recommended strategies brings me great joy and reaffirms my passion for the work I do.

Are there many women in your industry? Why is that or why not?

In the digital industry, there are indeed a significant number of talented women. However, there is still room for more female representation in leadership. Historically, the tech and digital sectors have been male-dominated, but we are witnessing positive changes as more women break barriers and excel in various roles.

Pinterest is strongly committed to diversity and inclusion. I have the privilege of working in a welcoming and supportive environment where people of all backgrounds and identities can thrive. As a female Account Manager, I am passionate about advocating for more women to join the industry. Through platforms like Women in Digital Switzerland, we can continue to drive positive change and encourage more women to explore opportunities in the digital landscape.

Which aspect of your industry might interest other women to start work in this field? One aspect of the digital advertising industry that might interest other women is the opportunity to work in a sector that thrives on innovation. Its dynamic nature means that there is always something new to learn and explore, making it an exciting and ever-evolving career path for any woman looking to enter the digital ad space.

Which future trend is the most interesting in your opinion? In my opinion, one of the most interesting future trends in the digital world is the continuous development of AI and machine learning technologies. I find that it is the most disruptive technology after the release of the smartphone. Specifically, I believe that ChatGPT / large language models will play an increasingly significant role in various industries, including digital marketing. AI can revolutionize customer interactions, personalization, and content creation, opening up new avenues for advertisers to connect with their audiences in more meaningful ways. Staying up-to-date with AI advancements and incorporating them into our strategies will be crucial for future success in the digital advertising landscape.

Want to connect with Chantal and other like-minded women? Check out our forum.

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