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Women in Digital Switzerland Logo: purple "W" made up of triangles

Why partner with WDS?

Do you want some additional visibility for your brand or would like to support our cause because you are sharing our values? We offer you access to our digital community, give your organisation visibility on its commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, offer group brainstorming on key topics and contribute to D&I Initiatives

Our partnership network

We believe in collaboration to achieve impact and work with organizations supporting our mission that help deliver value to our community members and enable more women to advance along their digital career paths.


Our partners and sponsors benefit from visibility across our membership base, in-person and digital events, and social media channels. We rely on corporate sponsorships to fund our events and activities and in return, we share important corporate messaging that can be linked to recruitment and/or diversity and inclusion efforts. We work with our partners by identifying one main need and building a themed event or marketing campaign to deliver on shared goals. We promote our partners events and messaging when our community interests align. Learn more about how you can deliver your advertising or educational sessions across our growing community by getting in touch with us.

WDS Partners

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Welcome to our extended network of organizations and associations looking to contribute to women`s empowerment and solve challenges for a more diverse voices in digital leadership

WDS Event Partners

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