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Dr. Andrea Rubik

Andrea is a seasoned marketer and founder of Resyfy. She has experience building brands and products, digital marketing, and business development, working with SaaS and tech companies. Andrea has devoted her career to supporting women and collaborating around advancing equality in tech, crafting initiatives to help women to revive their career valuables and reach the next level in their careers. Visit her website

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Karen Bhavnani

Karen has 20+ years of corporate and consulting experience in business solutions sales, new product implementation, and innovation management. As an advocate for diversity, leadership for good, and social innovation, she lends direction to and thrives in the WDS community, where she continuously learns, grows and co- creates meaningful projects and initiatives.

Vice President
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Rachael Camp

Rachael is responsible for the visual design and identity within WDS and played a key role in building our new website. As she joins the executive team, she will broaden her focus to build key programmes and initiatives within the organisation. She works at Whitespace and as a freelancer in the Geneva area, specialising in UX and Visual Design.

Visit her website

VP UX, Brand and Project Implementation
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Adelheid Moxon

Adelheid is our expert on Digital Transformation & Change Management. Having spent 20 years at Holcim, she has held various positions and is now part of the Digital Transformation unit - Holcim MAQER - helping drive the digital innovation framework particularly focusing on Skill Building and Change Management. Adelheid is married with 3 children and has supported different causes as a volunteer.

VP Chapter Development / Agile and Digital Transformation
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Emilia Mota

Emilia has over 20 years’ experience in MarCom and project management. With expertise in both traditional and digital marketing, and a hands-on approach, Emilia specializes in working with SMEs to develop and implement marketing strategies that bring results. As a certified PMP, she manages projects from concept to completion, bringing teams together to achieve success. Emilia enjoys keeping up with the latest marketing trends and technologies to understand how to stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced business landscape.

VP Marketing and Communications
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Kassandra Klaritsch

Kassandra brings a wealth of experience in various business development, negotiation, and finance roles from the corporate multinational & gaming industries. She is a strong advocate of Accessibility in Gaming, Women in Tech, and DEI Initiatives. In her role as VP of Business Development, Kassandra will be focused on expanding our partnership scope and value creation. She is an ardent believer that bringing great people together breathes great ideas to life and looks forward to meeting you at WDS!

VP Business Development
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Jeannette Potts

Jeannette loves bringing brands to life as impactful and engaging and holistic experiences. She has held international retail marketing roles across diverse industries - Mondelez, Gillette, P&G, HP - and has also worked in Startup and Consultancy roles in digital transformation. Key areas include: Brand Strategy, Content, Creative, eCommerce. She is now in CXM with Merkle (Dentsu network).

VP Strategic Partnerships
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Simone Theiss

20 years+ global experience in operations, events & marketing in entrepreneurial, collaborative environments. Passionate about innovation and creativity I am managing the Tech4Eva accelerator and community at EPFL Innovation Park to help start-ups in women’s health as well as the corporate partner collaboration program Tech4Growth.

VP Events
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Ketaki Sood

Ketaki is a Human Resources professional with several years of experience over multiple geographies. She has a passion to enable people's growth and success. A proponent of gender parity, she volunteers with organisations that promote this. Her experience in enabling organisations' Data, Digital and Technology capabilities, and a passion to bring to life great ideas, led her to join our community.

VP Community & Membership
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Brigitte Lawler

Brigitte Lawler is the founder of a solutions-focused consultancy specializing in business growth, scaling tech companies and transforming business for the digital world. Having worked in more than 30 countries and lived in 4, Brigitte has developed a truly global perspective to business in different markets. Brigitte is able to draw on experience as a Global Transformation Manager across several business and functional areas, as well as adapting those skills and competencies in the world of Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups.

VP Innovation and Strategic Projects
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Executive Team

Meet the people behind WDS

We have an incredible and diverse team of leaders who work on meaningful projects that contribute to our organization`s mission. Our volunteers are currently working on building content and community, delivering incredible events, securing partners and sponsors, creating leadership and educational programs.



Women in Digital Switzerland has a team of over 40 volunteers. As a team of equals, we serve organizational interests aligning local strategies to the needs of our community.


Veronika Mercier

Veronika Mercier is a marketing, communication and digital expert with over 14 years of experience. She has spent most of her professional career in large international companies in the watch industry and in the academic sector with agency experience as well. She is passionate about content creation, digital communication, innovation and is in charge of WDS social networks for a few years now.

Social Media Lead
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Ivona Begic Mandic

Ivona is a dedicated B2B marketing expert with professional experience in various industries. She has a passion for digital marketing and strategy development. With a desire to contribute to the growth of the community and the inclusion of women in the world of digital technologies, she joins our team. She holds a master's degree in Marketing.

Community Manager
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Jana Lugthart

Jana is the Customer Relations Manager at WDS, responsible for email account management, development of CRM system and supporting our Partners and Sponsors. She is an internationally minded senior Business Change/Transformation and HR professional with more than 10 years of experience in the energy industry.

Customer Relations Manager
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Natalie Alexander Julien

Communications Specialist with ten years of experience in internal and external communications, programme management and event coordination.

Content Manager
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Lee Dashwood

Lee has more than 15 years of marketing and planning experience in the dynamic interactive entertainment industry. Moving to Switzerland over 10 years ago, Lee saw first-hand the challenges for his wife to progress her career, and so decided to lend his expertise to the WDS cause. Lee leads a small group of volunteers from Electronic Arts to help improve membership offerings to the community.

Expert Advisor
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Jesper Ahrendsen

Jesper has over 20 years commercial experience from classic Account management to being part of the digital transition in the video games industry. Jesper is a big advocate for DEI initiatives and see WDS’ great community as a good opportunity to drive this. Jesper is part of a small group of volunteers from Electronic Arts trying to help improve membership offerings to the WDS community.

Expert, Membership
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Angela Marinica

Angie is a finance professional with experience in tech, consumer goods and videogaming industries. She has lived in 8 countries over the last 8 year and has a passion for cross-cultural communication and diversity. Angie is part of a small group of volunteers from Electronic Arts trying to help improve membership offerings to the WDS community.

Expert, Membership
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Avery McGill

Avery leads Electronic Arts Applied Research team for EA's Strategic Technology and Applied Research (STAR) group. He has extensive experience working in identity, security, and cloud computing as an architect, consultant, team lead, and leading DEI initiatives. Avery is also the Global Chair for EA's new Mosaic ERG and believes it is important to mentor, support, and provide opportunity.

Technical Expert, Membership
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Larissa Moser

Larissa is an expert in content, e-commerce and marketing and a proven project manager with a digital mindset and a strong creative drive. She worked for various retail and banking companies in HR, Marketing and E-Commerce roles. She joined WDS because she wants to see more women in leading digital roles. 

Web Content Lead
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Jia-Ying Guan

Jia-Ying is the research lead at WDS. As a biochemist, project manager, medical writer and startup cofounder, she enjoys connecting the dots between people, science, and business. She strongly believes in synergistic collaboration. Besides science, she is also fascinated by sustainable disruptive innovations, intellectual property, and management.

Research Lead
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Wenxin 'Wendy' Jiang

As a financial analyst, project coordinator and translator, I worked for several companies in different industries, such as private equity, insurance, digital and UN system. I enjoy learning new things and talking to people. I always keep my curiosity and stay positive. 

Partnership Implementation
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Sofia Venâncio

Sofia is a strategic marketing expert with professional experience in the creative industries. Passionate about audio and podcasting, she turns ideas into sounds helping brands develop their digital business and marketing strategies.


Fierce innovator with an eye for detail, she is always on top of trends and she drives engagement on social media like no one else. She joined us to support us as a Creative Communication Specialist and we love having her on our team!

Creative Communications Specialist
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Jenn MacLeod

Jennifer MacLeod is an experienced digital media producer who has managed film, television, video and audio production for domestic, US and International markets, for more than 15 years. She is now founder of Jenneve Digital, a production studio that creates impactful audio and video content to support the digital media strategies of multi-nationals, international organisations and NGOs.

Digital Media Producer, Expert Speaker
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Tan Mi Xue

As the student ambassador at WDS, she bridges the gap between students and professionals by voicing out their needs. In doing so, she hopes to facilitate students’ entry into the workforce. She is a PhD student at the University of Geneva, studying the effects of different emotions on our brain and body.

Student Ambassador
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Kristiana Kabashi

Digital Marketing specialist with a focus on Digital Transformation and Agile Ways of Working, Kristiana is a curious and positive spirited mind that volunteers for the WDS team since September 2022.

Digital Transformation, Agile & Innovation
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Carmen Anna Haenggi

Carmen leads our partner program, in order to continuously develop the offerings and collaborations that we can offer our members.

Partnership Implementation Lead
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Rishal Fiona

Rishal began her career with software development gaining unparalleled experience in the IT field, while also establishing herself as an impressive candidate. Rishal is looking for the right opportunity to dive into and her experience at WDS helps her to do this. 

Events Assistant (Online Events)
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Timo Nicolai

MS Information Systems Engineering graduate (TU Dresden), previously Software Engineer at Leica Geosystems (Heerbrugg), now at Gapfruit (Zug)

Chapter Development Support
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Chapter Leads

Nadia Mojahed

Nadia is the Geneva Chapter Lead. She does this because she believes in the importance of knowledge sharing and women empowerment. For more than 13 years, she helps international and local businesses grow online through Digital Marketing & SEO Expert Geeks. She has been selected as one of the top women in Tech to follow in 2022 in Switzerland by #Girlsintech. She hosts regular community workshops about SEO and the Web. Feel free to join at

Chapter Lead Geneva
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Glenda Cardone

Glenda Cardone is a civil law lawyer and a strategic and operational marketing expert capable of integrating the logic of digital marketing into the global vision of the reference company's strategy. Experience also in public relations and journalism, comfortable with international clients and a multicultural context. 

Chapter Lead Geneva
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Dodie Itaoui

Dodie is responsible for organising our chapter meetups in Lausanne. She is a senior Digital Engagement Leader working at a Global level in the Luxury, Fashion, Skincare, CPG & pharmaceuticals industry. She is skilled in 360 Omnichannel Digital Strategy & transformation, International Digital Marketing, Digital Media/Social Media Strategy, Influencers marketing, Communication and Public Relations

Chapter Lead Lausanne
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Tamara Ambrosini

Tamara, Salesforce Solutions & Marketing Partnership Director is an innovative and driven professional with an extensive background in Digital Transformation and Marketing in various industries, as well as responsible for new marketing partnerships, strategies, and campaigns. Additionally, she acts as a Change Facilitator by identifying cultural, process and tool related challenges within CRM and Marketing Automation.

Chapter Lead Zürich
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Madli Lillemägi

Digital transformation expert, MarTech and data professional, and change agent. With 10 years of experience in startup, corporate, agency, and consulting. Bridging the gap between business and IT by helping companies realize the full potential of digital platform ecosystem for success. Passionate about the technology advancements and empowering our community in tech where diversity and inclusiveness are critical to drive innovation and growth.

Chapter Lead Zürich
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Snehali Mahajan

Snehali has more than 2 decades of global work experience in driving customer obsession, building and steering partnerships, increasing business profitability and innovative value propositions across business operations and technology. Is an expert in crafting large deals and structuring commercial models and at designing and implementing operations strategy. She has worked as a champion of diversity and inclusion in organizations.

Chapter Lead Zürich
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Elie Ma

Elie is the founder of Dimensionists and an advocate of smart homes for everyone. As a seasoned marketing-all-arounder, she has built a career around acquiring and retaining customers via analog and digital channels. As a tech-savvy marketer, she is quick and creative in using technology to advance marketing efforts, measure progress and drive growth.

Chapter Lead Basel
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Tanvi Gupta

MBA graduate with 12+years of international consulting, project management and commercial strategy and operations experience in various industries, functions and geographies working on cross-functional project management, strategy and operations, digital transformations, commercial launch and life cycle management.

Chapter Lead Basel
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Maja Franko

Maja is a Marketing Manager at Apiax, a growing Fintech company. She loves to be a part of the SaaS industry since there is always something new to learn. Outside of work, Maja is an avid family girl and exercise enthusiast. Nature is her perfect place to recharge the batteries and simply unwind. She enjoys being part of the WDS community to meet and connect with inspiring women from different fields.

Chapter Lead Basel
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Jenya Lavicka

Creative marketer, experienced business manager, social entrepreneur and mother of twins. With experience in various industries, including startups, non-profits, and corporations I can help maximise marketing KPIs and grow sales pipeline. Skilled in engaging B2B and B2C audiences by developing and driving creative content campaigns, organising trade shows or appealing social media strategies.

Chapter Lead Basel
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Maria Blatkowska

Open-minded, confident and resourceful communications and operations specialist with 10+ years of experience in leading project groups and working in matrix teams. Specialised in using varied tools to engage diverse audiences in both non-profit and for-profit sectors, ranging from governmental and finance, to public health and pharmaceutical. Deeply interested in tech trends. Currently obtaining further qualification in the field of digital marketing.

Chapter Lead Basel
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Renata Moshkovich

Digital marketing specialist moved recently from Tel Aviv to Ticino in 2021. With 14 years of experience in both hands-on and management in the digital world, she specializes in Search Engine Optimization with solid experience in Marketing, Market Research, digital media platforms, Analytical Skills, and customer relationship management.

Chapter Lead Ticino, Content Specialist
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Greta Bonato

CRM Specialist with experience as responsible for e-commerce, digital promotion channels and digital marketing strategies. Experiences as reference point for business travel (2017-2019) into Asian and Middle Eastern markets (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi).

Chapter Lead Lausanne
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Macarena Balleseros Entrala

Macarena has over 10 years experience working for fast-paced companies with a focus in e-commerce, fintech, retail and fashion. As a strategic and creative thinker, Macarena is passionate about innovation and driving cultural change in her work environment by supporting and promoting initiatives that foster diversity and inclusion.

Chapter Lead Zurich
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Madalina Manoiu

Madalina is a global executive leader with more than 15 years experience in management consulting, transformation, governance and risk management. A mother of 2 girls, she wants to lead by example. She graduated with an Executive MBA (IMD) in 2022. With a background in aviation and technology, she also serves as an Advisory Board Member for International Aviation Women's Association and a mentor for the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Chapter Lead Zug
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Raluca Voicu

Raluca brings almost 15 years of experience in strategy and business development in industrial service business in multinational Swiss corporations. She has successfully leaded cross-functional teams during the implementation of digital and strategic transformation programs. With a very international family and being a mother of 3, Raluca is a strong advocate of DEI and ESG as powerful value creating drivers for our society.

Chapter Lead St. Gallen
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Board of Advisors and Founders

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We thank our Board of Advisors for their time and commitment to steering Women in Digital Switzerland. 

Marc Secretan
  • Marc LinkedIn Profile

We thank our Board of Advisors for their time and commitment to steering Women in Digital Switzerland. 

Peter Pscheid
  • Peter LinkedIn Profile

We thank our Board of Advisors for their time and commitment to steering Women in Digital Switzerland. 

Hicham Naim
  • Hitcham LinkedIn Profile

We thank our Board of Advisors for their time and commitment to steering Women in Digital Switzerland. 

Taïssa Thierry Chaves
  • Taïssa LinkedIn Profile

Taïssa Thierry Chaves is a passionate entrepreneur and a recognized expert and speaker in the digital transformation industry with a rich 20-year career. As a certified executive coach, Taïssa actively supports the leadership teams and talents of large companies to thrive in the digital age. 

Taïssa is the Founder and Managing Director of Y Coaching & Consulting and Head of Customer Experience at Idéative, a Geneva-based agency specialized in digital intelligence. She is convinced of the impact of individual actions on society, she founded Women in Digital Switzerland in 2013 to empower women leaders in the technology sector.

Kelly Hungerford
  • Kelly LinkedIn Profile

Kelly is a native Californian and co-founder of Women in Digital Switzerland, currently leading digital business transformation for the consumer goods group at Sunstar Global.


Alongside her love for cultivating on-and-offline communities, Kelly is a visiting lecturer at local universities and enjoys supporting woman new to Switzerland by helping them navigate cultural and language barriers to reach their goals.

Natacha Gajdoczki
  • Natacha LinkedIn Profile

HEC Lausanne graduate, Natacha has over 14 years digital marketing experience working in a multi-national environment both in-house and agency. She is currently Head of Digital Marketing at imedia, a digital communication agency based in Lausanne, where she uses her creativity to find various solutions to complex problems and build strong bottom-up strategies to help grow businesses. Apart from that she is a food blogger and photographer for