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Dr. Andrea Rubik

Andrea is a seasoned marketer and founder of Resyfy. She has experience building brands and products, digital marketing, and business development, working with SaaS and tech companies. Andrea has devoted her career to supporting women and collaborating around advancing equality in tech, crafting initiatives to help women to revive their career valuables and reach the next level in their careers. Visit her website

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Adelheid Moxon

Adelheid is our expert on Digital Transformation & Change Management. Having spent 20 years at Holcim, she has held various positions and is now part of the Digital Transformation unit - Holcim MAQER - helping drive the digital innovation framework particularly focusing on Skill Building and Change Management. Adelheid is married with 3 children and has supported different causes as a volunteer.

Vice President
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Emilia Mota

Emilia has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, communications and project management. With expertise in both traditional and digital marketing, and a hands-on approach, Emilia takes a 360 degree approach to marketing when developing  and implementing marketing strategies. As a certified PMP, she manages projects from concept to completion, bringing teams together to achieve common goals. Emilia enjoys keeping up with the latest marketing trends and technologies to understand how to stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced business landscape.

VP Marketing and Communications
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Ketaki Sood

Ketaki is a Human Resources professional with several years of experience over multiple geographies. She has a passion to enable people's growth and success. A proponent of gender parity, she volunteers with organisations that promote this. Her experience in enabling organisations' Data, Digital and Technology capabilities, and a passion to bring to life great ideas, led her to join our community.

VP Community & Membership
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Jana Lugthart

Jana is an internationally minded senior professional with over 10 years of experience in Project Portfolio Management, Business Change and Human Resources. She holds two Master's degrees in European and International Politics and Economics. As a mother of three re-starting her career, she has a passion for empowering women and leveraging diversity as a competitive advantage for long-term growth. She thrives on creating impactful connections with our partners and engaging community.

VP Stakeholder Relations
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Simone Theiss

20 years+ global experience in operations, events & marketing in entrepreneurial, collaborative environments. Passionate about innovation and creativity I am managing the Tech4Eva accelerator and community at EPFL Innovation Park to help start-ups in women’s health as well as the corporate partner collaboration program Tech4Growth.

VP Events
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Lee Dashwood

Lee has more than 15 years of marketing and planning experience in the dynamic interactive entertainment industry. Moving to Switzerland over 10 years ago, Lee saw first-hand the challenges for his wife to progress her career, and so decided to lend his expertise to the WDS cause. Lee leads a small group of volunteers from Electronic Arts to help improve membership offerings to the community.

Expert Advisor
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Board of Directors

Meet the people behind WDS

We have an incredible and diverse team of leaders who work on meaningful projects that contribute to our organization`s mission. Our volunteers are currently working on building content and community, delivering incredible events, securing partners and sponsors, creating leadership and educational programs.



Women in Digital Switzerland has a team of over 40 volunteers. As a team of equals, we serve organizational interests aligning local strategies to the needs of our community.


Ivona Begic Mandic

Ivona is a dedicated B2B marketing expert with professional experience in various industries. She has a passion for digital marketing and strategy development. With a desire to contribute to the growth of the community and the inclusion of women in the world of digital technologies, she joins our team. She holds a master's degree in Marketing.

Community Manager
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Ogo Oramalu

Ogo is an oncology pharmacist and clinical research professional with wealth of experience in healthcare and Pharma sector. She is passionate about improving access to healthcare for all and advocates for opportunities that fosters inclusion and equity. When Ogo isn't working, she loves to travel and explore new places. She is especially fond of discovering the hidden gems of Zurich.

Project Manager
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Elaine Ngo

Elaine is a seasoned professional who brings global experience to Zurich. Her insights into the tech solutions lifecycle and background in art/design, results in enhanced customer experiences. Beyond her career, she supports charitable missions, exemplified by her efforts to empower underprivileged children with computer training and ensure clean water and sanitation facilities in villages across SE Asia.

Digital Media Manager and Content Curator
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Christelle Pawlowski

Originally from France, Christelle has been living in Zug for the past 11+ years. Prior to that, she lived for 12 years in Silicon Valley where she worked as a corporate accountant and financial reporting specialist for different companies in the tech industry. In Switzerland, she first continued working as an accountant and then decided to take a break. She is now pivoting, currently completing a CAS in data engineering & data science, and looking forward to volunteering as a data analyst at WDS. Christelle loves learning technical things. In her free time, she is also a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor and enjoys hiking.

Data Analyst
  • Christelle Linkedin
Karine Malmegrim

Karine, originally from Brazil, has lived in the United States, Singapore, and now Switzerland. Her diverse career spans industries such as outsourcing, technology, optical, and financial technology, with a standout decade at 'the maker of iOS'. Living in different countries, especially in Southeast Asia for 7 years, honed her cultural intelligence and adaptability, crucial for success in our interconnected world. She enjoys learning new skills, sharing her knowledge, and embracing challenges.

Events Managment Lead
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Jeannette Potts

Jeannette loves bringing brands to life as impactful and engaging and holistic experiences. She has held international retail marketing roles across diverse industries - Mondelez, Gillette, P&G, HP - and has also worked in Startup and Consultancy roles in digital transformation. Key areas include: Brand Strategy, Content, Creative, eCommerce. She is now in CXM with Merkle (Dentsu network).

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Roxane Cattaneo

Roxane lives in Geneva and work as Head of communication at Le Temps. After graduated in digital marketing and communication, she worked as head of Digital and marketing in a media group in Geneva for 5 years before joining Le Temps. She has also a passion for travel, art and outdoor sports. On top of that, she loves to read and write.
Gender equality, inclusion and women empowerment have always been important value for her and this is the reason why she decided to volunteer for this position. She is willing to use her experience and skills in social media to do something that has a positive impact and can't wait to join this amazing community.

Social Media Expert
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Jia-Ying Guan

Jia-Ying is the research lead at WDS. As a biochemist, project manager, medical writer and startup cofounder, she enjoys connecting the dots between people, science, and business. She strongly believes in synergistic collaboration. Besides science, she is also fascinated by sustainable disruptive innovations, intellectual property, and management.

Research Lead
  • Jia-Ying LinkedIn profile
Angela Marinica

Angie is a finance professional with experience in tech, consumer goods and videogaming industries. She has lived in 8 countries over the last 8 year and has a passion for cross-cultural communication and diversity. Angie is part of a small group of volunteers from Electronic Arts trying to help improve membership offerings to the WDS community.

Expert, Membership
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Lucie Frideling

Lucie is a multi-lingual professional with a wide range of customer marketing experiences gained over the past 13 years in corporate blue chip organisations. She has a broad spectrum of marketing and communication experiences and a proven track record in lead generation, brand and product management, customers and partners co-marketing, digital and social marketing.
Lucie’s goal is to deliver profitable and sustainable solutions to drive sales, attract and maintain customers, and build a solid corporate brand. Lucie lived in four different countries and strongly believes in building networks to share best practices, knowledge and meeting new people. 

Partnership MarCom Manager
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Cristina Georgiana Popa

Cristina is the Content Specialist at WDS. She has worked in multiple large corporations and is currently a Salesforce Consultant at Accenture. She is also an Ambassador for the Bring Women Back to Work program and an avid supporter for gender equality, with a great passion for cross-cultural communication and diversity.

Content Specialist 
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Avery McGill

Avery leads Electronic Arts Applied Research team for EA's Strategic Technology and Applied Research (STAR) group. He has extensive experience working in identity, security, and cloud computing as an architect, consultant, team lead, and leading DEI initiatives. Avery is also the Global Chair for EA's new Mosaic ERG and believes it is important to mentor, support, and provide opportunity.

Technical Expert, Membership
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Giulia Conte

Giulia supports Partnership Development at WDS. She works in management consulting and is a real enthusiast when it comes to customer strategies, digital marketing and business development. She wrote her thesis on "inclusion", a topic she is very passionate about and one of the very reasons she decided to volunteer for WDS. Outside of work, you can find Giulia spending time in nature and doing sport, from lifting weights, to swimming and horse riding.

Partnership Development
  • Giulia Conte Linkedin
Elke Kumala

Elke Kumala, a Winterthur resident from Indonesia with a dual bachelor degree in Information Systems and Chemical Engineering. With over 6 years of work experience as a Marketing Manager, 3+ years as a co-founder and Program Coordinator of an NGO, and 5 months as an Interim Business Process Manager, she's ready to efficiently improve processes, build networks, and gain Swiss work experience through WDS volunteering. Ready to make a difference!

Process Manager
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Jennifer Moore

Jennifer works as a Consultant helping companies with their Digital Transformations. She also finds a sense of shared purpose critical to her motivation and volunteers with organizations like WDS which does a great job engaging women in technology through connection and relevant and interesting content. 

Event Management Lead
  • Jennifer Moore Linkedin
Stefanie de Roquancourt

Stefanie brings a unique blend of experience: Marketeer with a global perspective from studying in the UK and Asia. With a focus on Marketing, CRM, and E-Commerce, she's collaborated across APAC, Europe, and the US. Her expertise spans loyalty programs, email marketing, and e-commerce, covering everything from startups to major corporations, and regional to HQ roles. She's made her mark in the airline and luxury retail sectors and has been in life sciences since December 2021. Stefanie, a fulfilled working mother of 2 boys is proud to be part of a modern family where she equally shares household responsibilities with her working husband. 

Partnership Coordinator
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Kamini Garg

Dr. Kamini Garg holds a Ph.D. in Informatics from Switzerland and a Master's in Information Technology from India. She has over 10 years of experience in machine learning and data Science. Currently, she works as a Senior Data Scientist at Johnson & Johnson Consumer. Prior to J&J, she was working as a lead data scientist at Sunrise Communications. She also teaches data science to students from different backgrounds in Informatica Feminale, Bremen, and the University of Regensburg, Germany.

Expert – Data Science
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Chapter Leads

Tamara, Salesforce Solutions & Marketing Partnership Director is an innovative and driven professional with an extensive background in Digital Transformation and Marketing in various industries, as well as responsible for new marketing partnerships, strategies, and campaigns. Additionally, she acts as a Change Facilitator by identifying cultural, process and tool related challenges within CRM and Marketing Automation.

Chapter Lead Zürich
  • Tamara Ambrosini LinkedIn Profile

Tamara Ambrosini

Madli is is a global business leader with over a decade of experience across startup, leading agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and Big 4 consulting on three continents. Her expertise combines a strategic focus and the development of technology ecosystems with a passion for digital sustainability transformation. She is an expert in business applications, including CRM, marketing automation, analytics, and data management. Dedicated to empowering our community, she recognises that diversity and inclusiveness are critical drivers of innovation and growth.

Chapter Lead Zürich
  • Madli LinkedIn

Madli Kahr

Madalina is a global executive leader with more than 15 years experience in management consulting, transformation, governance and risk management. A mother of 2 girls, she wants to lead by example. She graduated with an Executive MBA (IMD) in 2022. With a background in aviation and technology, she also serves as an Advisory Board Member for International Aviation Women's Association and a mentor for the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Chapter Lead Zug
  • Madalina LinkedIN

Madalina Manoiu

Chiara is an enthusiastic senior marketing professional with 15 years experience in digital marketing and communications. She held various positions in international medical device companies. She enjoys bringing to life projects, collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve measurable success results together. 

Chapter Lead Zug
  • Chiara LinkedIn Profile

Chiara Salgarello

Natalia, a dedicated professional and mother of two, has made her home in Switzerland since 2010, living for the last 4 years in Zug. With more than 15 years of professional experience she is dedicated to her demanding full-time career in SAP consulting field, where she has worked in different companies and positions such as operation management, security consulting, project management, sales, as well as a team lead. Outside her professional activities, Natalia is highly socially engaged, being a core team member of her company's Business Women’s Network.

Chapter Lead Zug
  • Natalia Singer LinkedIn Profile

Natalia Singer 

Inès is a French qualified lawyer, specialized in IT law, Data Protection and Intellectual Property. She started her career in a leading law firm in Paris focusing on IP and IT litigation. After a gap year in Asia, as a solo female traveller, she joined her husband in Switzerland and worked in data protection in the banking sector and in the tech sector. Being part of WDS is a unique chance for her to meet inspiring women and contribute to create a powerful community.

Chapter Support Zug
  • Inès Fouesnant LinkedIn Profile

Inès Fouesnant

Elena is a talent management professional, who is passionate about providing women with inclusive platform and space to learn from each other. Elena's professional focus is on facilitating strategy sessions for businesses and portfolio career discussions for individuals.

Chapter Lead Bern
  • Elena Linkedin

Elena Kharlamova

Birgit Sannamees has broad experience in implementing comprehensive customer success practices throughout the entire lifecycle, with a specific focus on B2B SaaS solutions. Her professional background encompasses roles both within organizations and as a consultant, collaborating with technology companies across Europe and the US. She derives great satisfaction from leveraging digital solutions to assist customers in attaining their desired outcomes and driving business impact for start-ups and scale-ups. 

Chapter Lead Bern
  • Birgit Sannamees LinkedIn Profile

Birgit Sannamees

Nadia is the Geneva Chapter Lead. She does this because she believes in the importance of knowledge sharing and women's empowerment. For more than 13 years, she has helped international and local businesses grow online through Digital Marketing and SEO Expert Geeks. She has been selected as one of the top women in Tech to follow in 2022 in Switzerland. She hosts regular community workshops about SEO and the Web. 

Chapter Lead Geneva
  • Nadia Mojahed LinkedIn Profile

Nadia Mojahed

Raluca brings almost 15 years of experience in strategy and business development in industrial service business in multinational Swiss corporations. She has successfully leaded cross-functional teams during the implementation of digital and strategic transformation programs. With a very international family and being a mother of 3, Raluca is a strong advocate of DEI and ESG as powerful value creating drivers for our society.

Chapter Lead St. Gallen
  • Raluca LinkedIN

Raluca Voicu

Linda is an accomplished communications executive with international work experience and co-founder of MEDI-LAB. She is a mother of three, former mayor and loves to explore the world and different cultures. Her start-up MEDI-LAB develops gamified, immersive learning tools for laboratories and MedTech. The aim is to simulate automation systems and combine eLearning with VR training and AI. The MEDI-LAB social media website also promotes interaction between schools, teachers, and industry employees.

Chapter Lead St. Gallen
  • Linda Singer LinkedIn Profile

Linda Signer

Digital marketing specialist moved recently from Tel Aviv to Ticino in 2021. With 14 years of experience in both hands-on and management in the digital world, she specializes in Search Engine Optimization with solid experience in Marketing, Market Research, digital media platforms, Analytical Skills, and customer relationship management.

Chapter Lead Ticino
  • Renata Moshkovich LinkedIn Profile

Renata Moshkovich

I'm an Art director and UX Designer, I live in Lugano (Ticino). I've always been involved in diversity and transnational feminism. My first action was in 2019 during the election, where I did a campaign to push and support women to vote in Switzerland. I have experience about organising tech event, like MakeZurich. I lived for 5 years in Zurich and I moved in Ticino 2 years ago. 

Chapter Lead Ticino
  • Francesca SanfilippoLinkedIn Profile

Francesca Sanfilippo

Pragati is a technology leader, a lecturer and the founder of a digital platform called My Swiss Story. She is a Computer Science Engineer and has a master’s in business and Information Systems. She has been in the tech industry for the last 17 years and her platform has helped expats navigate life in Switzerland with ease as well as help women gain visibility. She lives in the beautiful city of Basel with her husband and 12-year-old daughter.

Chapter Lead Basel
  • Pragati Siddhanti LinkedIn Profile

Pragati Siddhanti

Gema is a dedicated and ambitious young professional in the digital community. She is a chemist specializing in the pharmaceutical industry, passionate about business and technology. Despite her young age, she brings a fresh perspective and boundless energy to the digital landscape. With her background in the pharma industry and project management, she is committed to fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and process improvement through digitalization. Gema is always ready to engage in discussions about the latest tech trends, collaborate on new projects, and advocate for diversity and inclusion. 

Chapter Lead Basel
  • Gema Moreno LinkedIn Profile

Gema Moreno

Alla is a Marketing Professional with 10 years of experience in event management, digital marketing, and campaign management in live entertainment, sports, and healthcare industries. She is passionate about launching new projects and initiatives and building efficient communication in cross-functional teams to achieve outstanding results.

Chapter Lead Basel
  • Alla Gazizova LinkedIn Profile

Alla Gazizova

Anna is our Chapter Lead in Lausanne. She is a seasoned professional in the areas of Internal Audit, Controls, Risk Management and Compliance. Anna enjoys keeping up with data analytics and IT tools, learning new things, sharing the knowledge and thus she fully supports the WDS' cause. 

Chapter Lead Lausanne
  • Anna S LinkedIn Profile

Anna Shilikbayeva

May is a seasoned project manager and business leader with broad cross-industry experience developing user-centric B2B SaaS solutions throughout the entire lifecycles. Her strategic mindset combines seamlessly with the ability to build transformative, sustainable tech ecosystems. With a passion for emerging technologies such as AI and AR, she navigates complexity, driving growth via strategic vision and roadmaps, agile methodologies, and product-led initiatives. Beyond her professional endeavors, May is dedicated to empowering women and communities through promoting diversity, economic inclusion and gender equality. May lives in the beautiful city of Thun at the foot of the alps.

Chapter Lead Bern
  • May LinkedIn Profile

May Haghour

Georgi is a curious soul, living in Zug, driven by the thrill of discovery and excited to join a community passioned by innovation. Boasting a decade of knowledge in pharma industry, Georgi came to understand the profound value of delivering the highest quality service with compassion and care. In her free time she enjoys jogging, painting and playing squash. 

Chapter Lead Zug
  • Georgiana LinkedIn Profile

Georgiana Darila

Alina is eager to volunteer for Women in Digital Switzerland, driven by a passion for fostering community and promoting diversity. With extensive experience in product management and crafting impactful strategies, Alinaexcels in optimizing P&L and building strategic partnerships. Having successfully led major product launches and customer acquisition efforts, Alina is committed to innovation and growth. Aspiring to leverage professional expertise, Alina aims to create inspiring, educational, and inclusive events for WDS, enhancing the attendee experience with creative and strategic insights. 

Chapter Lead Lausanne
  • Alina LinkedIn Profile

Alina Ioana Ispas

 Jennifer Rogers, works at the crossroads of culture, education, and digital technology. With a robust academic background in Theatre and English, Jennifer has excelled as an events coordinator and workshop facilitator. 

Currently, Jennifer is the Content Lead and Workshop Coordinator for Bring Women Back to Work, a pioneering program dedicated to supporting women re-entering the workforce. In this role, she delivers an engaging and impactful program, empowering women with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in their professional lives.

Chapter Lead Bern
  • Jennifer LinkedIn Profile

Jennifer Rogers

 Michaela is a Talent Lead and trusted Talent Advisor who spent the last 14+ years developing her passion for talent, career development, diversity and inclusion and talent retention. Michaela comes from Slovakia and later lived in Czechia, US, France, Singapore, Ireland and finally Switzerland, where she lives now for the past almost 7.5 years. Michaela has worked across functions and industries, lastly supporting the talent acquisition efforts at Google working with senior leadership driving diversity and inclusion efforts. In her personal life, she is a mom to two active boys and in her free time, you can find her trail running in Swiss mountains.

Chapter Lead Zurich
  • Michaela LinkedIn Profile

Michaela Ulicna

Board of Advisors

Peter Pscheid
  • Peter LinkedIn Profile

Peter guarantees measurable behavioral and performance change for global leaders, their organization, and their teams. Leaders working with Peter become measurably more effective and enhance the performance of their teams, their organizations, and themselves.

Karen Bhavnani
  • Karen LinkedIn Profile

Karen has over 20 years of experience in corporate and consulting roles in business solutions sales, new product implementation, and innovation management.  An advocate for open social innovation, diversity at all levels, and leadership for good, I feel at home amongst this amazing community with whom I continuously learn and grow while co-creating meaningful projects and learning initiatives.

Kelly Hungerford
  • Kelly LinkedIn Profile

Kelly is a business technologist, compassionate leader and trusted business partner with an established track record in designing, leading and implementing multi-year marketing transformation initiatives. She is an active community builder and connector. In 2015, she co-founded Women in Digital Switzerland,

Taïssa Thierry Chaves
  • Taïssa LinkedIn Profile

Taïssa is a passionate entrepreneur and a recognized leader, trainer, and speaker in the digital transformation industry with 20 years of experience. As an ICF-certified executive and career coach, she loves to ask the right questions to help individuals and companies thrive sustainably in the digital era. Convinced about the impact individual actions have on society, she founded Women in Digital Switzerland in 2015

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