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What does it mean to be a good mentor, and how do you find a mentor for yourself?

It is very important to find a good mentor in the business world - the ideal person with the right answers to your career questions. But the truth is that mentors come in many forms, you can find real gems of advice – if you seek it out.

Instant mentoring? Take the opportunity to offer leadership in the workplace whenever the opportunity arises. In this way, you will inspire others to do the same. It doesn't have to be something permanent that will turn into a relationship, but something completely unofficial that happens at the moment. Mentoring is about sharing experiences that can completely change someone's perspective.

Likewise, being someone's mentor doesn't mean you have to be on an official relationship level. While it's always a good idea to reserve your time on the tutor's calendar, doing something spontaneous every now and then is perfectly fine. Peek into their office, smile and ask a question. You will get an instinctive answer that will also show you "what kind of material" your mentor is made of.

Ask for advice, ask and show initiative ...

Mentoring builds and is something that stays. When you want to know something - ask. The best advice comes from different people with real experiences—something you can't find in manuals or books. You can ask for advice from many people who have travelled and done different things. No one has all the answers, but you can take pieces from the various tips that work best for you.

It is also important that the mentors see you in action. One of the most constructive feedback you can get is for your mentors to see your work.

They will probably give you their version of seeing the problem if you ask for advice. On the other hand, they may provide you with information or encourage you to continue without actually seeing what you are doing and how you are doing it. Only then can they be honest about the advice they give.

Take advice and appreciate constructive criticism

Always take advice - even if it's not something you want to hear. What to do when several mentors give you the same advice, but you disagree? Listen to them.

Of course, you should always decide for yourself, listen to your moral compass and follow your own path. However, if all the mentors tell you that it would not be good to do something - I advise you to believe them.

It is important to appreciate constructive criticism. Ask others what you could be doing better. It's not easy to hear the negative side, but that's the only way to grow and progress. Whether you agree with your mentor's opinion, there is usually at least a grain of truth in what they say.

You should thank your mentors if they tell you something you don't want to hear because they care enough about you to put themselves in a potentially conflicting situation. Also - reciprocate. The best thank you can give all of your mentors is to give back generously to other women on their way to success.

Thank you to Dr. Andrea Rubik for writing this article

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