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Share your story - it is a powerful tool to drive change in society

Updated: May 10, 2023

Imagine we don't have the opportunity to tell our stories. In that case, they remain inside us, and we become less visible, less powerful, and less meaningful. Untold stories that remain unshared mean more self-destruction, leading to fewer chances to change the system, succeed and live happy lives. Only by sharing what we have experienced can we build positive change. Believe it is possible and come out of your own shadow - allow yourself to let your voice out.

The first and most challenging step is to connect and collaborate. Let your competition become your friend. Everyone benefits from cooperation; what you do to one, they will do another way. Moreover, you can learn from each other because that's how you'll make another discovery - how to activate the power of the community!

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Alone you have power with your story - together, we have an impact on driving change

By sharing your story, you contribute to the community and individuals. If that safe, authentic circle and new connections form around your story, it can lead to significant change.

Likewise, don't be afraid to embrace the feminine way of thinking. Some traditionally considered feminine skills, such as collaboration and compassion, have become almost overlooked in the workplace and the world. If we re-encourage them and not shame them, women can create the changes they want to see for themselves.

Typically female values such as cooperation, fearlessness, the inclusion of those on the margins, and care for oneself and others, certainly have a place in the work environment. Networking and building relationships, which women are so good at, are also highly valuable.

These values begin as a mindset to overcome obstacles and lead to fearlessness. This is because it's about the unrelenting acceptance of femininity.

Also, create room for change. Challenging the status quo requires creating a safe space where your community can ask difficult and uncomfortable questions. For example, if you want to see a change in the company, ask yourself: do I have such a network of people with whom I can work to make this change happen? Do we know each other well enough to create our own network and safe space? Can I advocate for something and then make sure it gets done?

So take the first step and don't stop after that

Whether you believe it at this moment or not - we can all be leaders - no matter how old we are, what title we have in life, or where we are. Recognize your story, empower it, and don't be afraid to let your voice be heard to collaborate with like-minded people and promote equality.

By listening to other people's stories and building all the relationships, you will start making some significant changes.

Thank you to Dr. Andrea Rubik for writing this article! Want to share your story on our blog? Reach out to us to collaborate.

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