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Implenia: A Model of Diversity and Inclusion in the Swiss Construction Sector

Updated: Jan 26

Frédéric Lablanquie, Implenia

WDS’s Lucie Frideling spoke with Frédéric Lablanquie, talent acquisition manager at Implenia. Frédéric shares with us valuable insights on diversity and inclusion in the construction sector, based on his three-year tenure with the company.

Implenia, the largest construction company in Switzerland, stands out not only for its workforce of 10,000 employees but also for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Frédéric Lablanquie, a 51-year-old professional in human resources.

In this interview, we will delve into Frédéric's experience at Implenia, his involvement in fostering diversity & inclusion, and the advice he offers to individuals, especially women, aspiring to thrive in the construction industry.

Implenia: An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Frédéric joined Implenia three years ago, bringing over two decades of professional experience in Switzerland.

As a part of the human resources department, he discovered a highly dynamic company with four major divisions: building, civil engineering, real estate, and specialties such as wood construction. Despite its size, Implenia distinguishes itself through a less hierarchical corporate culture, “providing considerable freedom for its employees to take initiative”.

The commitment to diversity and inclusion took root at Implenia approximately three years ago, coinciding with Frédéric's arrival. It was a personal value for Frédéric when joining the company. Frédéric highlights the efforts made to promote professional integration and gender diversity in a sector that was traditionally male dominated.

However, he also acknowledges the daily challenges, including a higher number of female applicants for certain positions such as administrative roles and a low percentage of women in on-site roles.

Women at Implenia: A Program for the Future

To further strengthen its commitment to diversity, Implenia recently launched the "Women at Implenia" program. The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness among managers about the importance of being objective and accepting through candid and open discussions. The results have been positive, with a high number of volunteers and substantial support from the leadership, who allocated budgets and resources to ensure the program's success.

Frédéric emphasizes that the program focused on improving the open-mindedness of managers and facilitated constructive discussions. The initial success led to the decision to renew the program in 2024, demonstrating a commitment to its sustainability.

Advice for Women Aspiring to Work in the Construction Sector

Frédéric emphasizes that the industry is growing, offering numerous opportunities.

Women should not only apply for administrative positions but also for operational roles, where their presence is often less common. The welcoming atmosphere, open-minded culture, part-time possibilities, and flexible working hours make companies like Implenia conducive environments for women's professional development.

Implenia emerges as a successful example of promoting diversity and inclusion within the Swiss construction sector. With its inclusive and entrepreneurial approach, the company highlights the importance of commitment to diversity. The "Women at Implenia" program reflects the ongoing dedication of the company to gender equality.

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Sounds super interesting. Is there an option to easily get in touch with Frédéric and or representatives of the Women at Implenia program?

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