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Change is Possible

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Four reminders for enacting the change you want in your life

"That little voice you hear here and there telling you to do something? It is an instinct, already somewhat forgotten in these uncertain and hurried times in which we live".
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Our WDS President, Dr. Andrea Rubik, reflects on four things to remind ourselves of as we face moments of change in our lives. Take a read of her thoughts below.


Are you looking for change in your life, but find it difficult to know where to start? Or perhaps, you’re fearing change and getting out of your comfort zone? I encourage you to believe that change is possible. If the current situation you find yourself in is painful or uncomfortable, or you find yourself stuck, believe that there is a happier future. And while the plan you have in your mind can be brilliant, until you dare to change, there is no progress towards the reality you want.

Here are my four tips to bring about the positive change you’d like to see in your life.

Embrace your whole self

Doesn't it seem that in today’s world, we tend to publish only the best of ourselves? Whether online on social media or at work, we constantly choose the content and parts of our lives that we want to show others, as well as the parts we want to hide, cut out and forget.

I think women are particularly skillful at erasing and fixing anything that might not be perfect in order to present that fantastic facade that society craves and expects. But there are consequences to this: if something is not perfect, then we are unhappy.

If we embrace and present our full selves, including the challenges we are facing, our doubts, our fears, and the things we need help with, we can start to have real and honest discussions about our personal and professional lives. In turn, we can genuinely change and grow, and work to change societal expectations of women.

Use fear as fuel

I believe our mindset is a powerful tool, and how we choose to think can be changed, even though it can be challenging and difficult to know how to start. So, first and foremost: don't always play by the rules, and get out of your comfort zone! It can be scary, but life can be just as beautiful with all its imperfections, and as you start to embrace this, you’ll learn to live a fuller life.

That little voice you hear here and there telling you to do something? It is an instinct, already somewhat forgotten in these uncertain and hurried times in which we live. But listen to this inner voice, and even more, let that voice out! Dare to live the way you feel you should. Our mindset and how we approach fear of change can be the doorway to the life you imagine.

Ride the change wave throughout your life

Change is a constant part of life, and we can welcome change as an opportunity to constantly evolve and build our own unique journeys.

Perfect resumes don't exist anymore. In today’s world, it is normal to live what I call a multi-stage life. A more flexible life structure allows us to reorganize our time so that various aspects of our lives–leisure, work, learning, sabbaticals, caring for others, etc.–take place across our whole life. In other words, a multi-stage life.

Your resume does not have to be ‘balanced’ or ‘standardized’. There is no one way now to succeed professionally, and this is incredibly important for building diversity and inclusion for women in the workplace. Do you have multiple degrees? Or perhaps you had an entrepreneurial crash in your 20s, or changed careers in your 40s. Maybe you went back to study after having a family. No matter your situation, be yourself and cherish the fact that you are different.

Try not to get comfortable with the world’s view of the status quo. Yes, there are times in life when stability is desirable and necessary, but there are also times when you need to jump in and grab opportunities that could change your life.

Cherish Self-Awareness

Finally, remember that you are the best measure of what is important to you and what makes you happy. Come back to listening to your inner wisdom, and cherish self-awareness and self-confidence.

And, don’t be afraid to share your experiences with others. Sharing stories with peers or through mentoring is an excellent way to educate across generations, and ensure that we continue to build a diverse, inclusive society moving forward.

Don't be afraid! Many have regretted not acting sooner on welcoming change. Even if things go badly, it does not mean your choice was bad. Both in our personal and professional lives, it is important that you are yourself and that you respect one thing above all else: your choices.

Bon courage!

Dr. Andrea Rubik


Dr. Andrea Rubik

Find out more about our President, Dr. Andrea Rubik, at her website For WDS members, you can interact directly with Andrea in the member Forum, where she's an active part of community discussions.

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Written by Dr. Andrea Rubik. Edited by Natalie Alexander Julien.

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