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Holacracy from a female perspective


Neumarkt 5, Vadianstrasse 25a Sankt Gallen Switzerland


Google Analytics Live!


Oslo-Strasse 2 4142 Munchenstein Switzerland


Geneva WDS Nov Meetup: Development trends from a business perspective


43, route des Acacias Genève Switzerland


Geneva Monthly Meet up


43, route des Acacias Genève Switzerland

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Meaning Making – How the #Innovation-Driven Organization Imparts Purpose & Meaning https://t.co/JDXSYtRMGO #business #CompanyCulture


Learning Google Adwords And #GoogleAnalytics Like A Boss With Benjamin Mangold https://t.co/RTmCZwpGj0 #data #marketing


RT @wdswitzerland: Would you like to experience how self-organisation works at @Liip? Would you like to know if it makes a difference to be…


RT @Val_Ricu: "What would you prefer: would take 100 CHF today or would you prefer 200 CHF in 10 years?" learning about the psychology of i…


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