Our Mission

The mission of Women in Digital Switzerland is to be a leading change agent for greater diversity and inclusion in digital leadership in Switzerland.


We advance careers at the intersection of business transformation, innovation, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

What we do

Women in Digital Switzerland is a community of women working in digital.


The purpose of Women in Digital Switzerland is to build a community and to encourage thought leadership, networking and sharing of best practices through discussion and presentations. We often collaborate with other like-minded associations and organizations, so feel free to reach out to us.

Women In Digital Switzerland

Our full website and member offering will launch in Autumn 2022. You can keep up to date with all things WDS via our social media channels
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Women in Digital Switzerland first appeared on LinkedIn in 2013 and due to its growing success and commitment of its members, the association was founded in 2016 by Taïssa Charlier, Kelly Hungerford and Natacha Gajdoczki and today is led by Karen Bhavnani and her executive team.

Local chapter events led by volunteers are currently organized in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Zurich, Ticino and St Gallen. And we are asked this quite often! - yes, men are welcome to join our meetups and initiatives too!

Who we are

Upcoming events

Our purpose is to encourage thought-provoking dialogue, learnings, connections, and sharing of best practices within our open and welcoming community. We host “for the community and organized by the community” monthly meetings in a variety of learning formats and cover broad topics such as digital transformation, future of work, skills & professional development and more.

A group of women take part in a networking event



Karen Bhavnani - President 

Dr. Andrea Rubik - VP Strategy

Ana Saez - VP Finance and General Counsel, VP Chapter Development

Ketaki Sood - VP Community/Membership

Simone Theiss - VP Events

Jeannette Potts - VP Brand Marketing
Brigitte Lawler - VP Event Marketing

Adelheid Moxon - VP Agile & Transformation

Carmen Anna Haenggi - VP Sponsorships


Rachael Camp - Visual Design & UX Lead
Veronika Mercier - Social Media Lead
Ivona Begic Mandic - Community Manager

Margaux Da Silva - Project Manager

Jia-Ying Guan - Research Lead
Camille de Gottrau - Website Manager 
Jennifer MacLeod - Multimedia Coordinator

Mi Xu - Student Ambassador Open Innovation

Chapter Ambassadors (Leads)

Elle Ma, Tanvi Gupta, Maja Lapjne, Jenya Lavicka, Maria Blatkowska

Nadia MojahedGlenda Cardone

Dodie Itaoui

Oriana Sarman, Francesca Prospero


Board of Advisors

Angeles Moreno

Marc Secretan

Peter Pscheid

​Hicham Naim


Taissa Charlier

Kelly Hungerford

Natacha Gajdoczki

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We often collaborate with other like-minded associations and showcase businesses that promote digital leadership and social good,so feel free to reach out to us to partner.

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"We believe all women can embrace who they are, define their future, and change the world."