Advancing Women in AI

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Launch of the White Paper "AI NEED HER / IA Besoin d'ELLE".

Only 22% of the world's Artificial Intelligence professionals are women, compared to 78% who are men, according to LinkedIn data published in the World Economic Forum. (Source:
While there is a growing number of women entrepreneurs in the field of technology, this is not enough to break the stereotype of male dominance in the industry.
But why is this important?

The lack of women in the industry not only means that future products could be oriented towards a male market, but gender diversity will improve the sector's ability to influence and help guide government policy in the development of the economy. Many jobs traditionally considered "female" are threatened by automation, from librarians to lawyers and everything in between.

For these reasons, as a team specialising in AI and diversity & inclusion, impactIA in collaboration with Women in Digital Switzerland will publish a White Paper. It is a synthesis to discover the opportunities, but also the challenges that accompany women in AI, with women and men from all over the world in this field to learn from each other and to start undertaking initiatives to make an impact.

Download the White Paper free of charge here