Talk Data to Me! Data visualization: A Whistle-Stop Tour of Tableau

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Talk Data to Me! A Whistle-Stop Tour of Tableau
by Fatima Soomro

Lausanne Group November Meetup:


Using data to drive decisions is no longer a nice-to-have but a fundamental requirement. This is true for organizations of all sizes, as well as individuals.

But where do I get started, and how? These are two questions that often block people and organizations from moving forward. Understandably – data is a complicated and scary black box… or is it?

Tableau is the market leader in data visualization and analytics and this month, Fatima Soomro, Business Intelligence and Data analysis from @Argusa Sarl joins us for a Data-Driven journey highlighting how powerful the data narrative is when it’s visualized and it is to turn data points into business insight for decision making with Tableau.

This is an excellent opportunity to take a deep and exciting dive into data as well as get a tour and live demo of the market-leader in data visualization software.

Slides available here