Sustainability and the Internet of Things: Problem or Solution?

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Sustainability internet of things free webinar

What’s the link between sustainability and the internet of things?

Can new technologies improve the climate, or do they just consume even more of our limited resources?

Join us online, on 6.30pm May 27, to learn more about the technology that is shaping our future, and the opportunities and the challenges to achieving a sustainable economy.

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Meet the guest speakers

Brigid O’Donovan is a Chartered Electrical and Electronic Engineer, Brigid is passionate about using technology to benefit people, organisations and our planet and her career includes working for such market makers as Royal Philips NV, Melexis NV and Cisco Systems.

Currently Managing Partner at IoT Sensing ( a full-service consultancy for business, product and process development as well as digital transformation), Brigid strongly advocates for equal pay and inclusion in STEM.  She also leads the Irish Business Network in Switzerland.

Jane Rowsell has a degree in Business. After positions in sales and marketing management with Dow Chemical, Boehringer Ingelheim and others, she joined a start-up developing fiber optic sensing. Thanks to fiber optic sensing, she has had the privilege of working with talented engineers often on challenging capital projects. These include designing pipeline systems for oil and gas transmission, ensuring safe and efficient public transport tunnels, or laying hundreds of km of electrical cables underground or subsea to ensure a secure supply of electricity.

Alice Richard is co-founder of Co-CREATE ImpACT, an innovative social impact training company harnessing the power of play to bring sustainability to life. With over 20 years experience bridging the private and non-profit sectors, she understands what drives business, the complexity of social impact and the importance of innovation and collaboration. After starting her career as an innovation consultant in the UK, Alice moved to Switzerland to work at the United Nations in product-based fundraising and corporate partnerships for UNICEF. Today she combines her passion for sustainability with her personal purpose to inspire and empower people to take positive action.

Register for this free webinar – it’s open to both Women in Digital Switzerland members and non-members.