How to spark creativity in complex problem solving

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‘Creativity is an area where humans will continue to outperform AI*’ 

And yet, how often do we sit looking at a blank page (paper or screen) wondering where to start?  

Historically, creative and digital disciplines were considered to use skills from opposite ends of the spectrum. Artists create and design, whilst digital experts structure data, develop algorithms and code. With rapid technological innovation and the rise of AI across all sectors, creativity as a key skill is gaining prominence in the workplace.

Stephanie Fonteyn, a leading artist, creative confidence builder and business owner, Collaborative Art and Nadège Faralli, a business analyst, innovation games expert, and business owner of CreativMinds

‘It is essential to cultivate creative and collaborative environments that embrace diverse perspectives. Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is the cross pollination of seemingly unrelated ideas and the openness to embrace ways of thinking that will help us solve the challenges of tomorrow. Creative collaboration, when facilitated correctly can help companies and teams of the future do just this.’ (Stephanie Fonteyn)

The challenge was to create a symbolic masterpiece within 1.5 hour.  The vision was shared, with clear steps and confidence injections from Stephanie and Nadège, the session leaders.

The values of Women in Digital Switzerland became words. The words became pictures. The images took form, as you can see in the picture above.

 Thanks, Julia, Karen and the WDS team in Geneva for organizing this evening of interaction, inclusivity, creativity, oh yes, and lots of fun!

Creative and collaborative: nearly there…


*Professor Anton Oleirik, Memorial University of Newfoundland  “What are neural networks not good at? On artificial creativity” Big Data & Society January–June 2019: 1–13