Sonja is the Co-Founder and Chief Entrepreneurship Officer of WeRobotics, a young US/Swiss based non-profit organization that builds inclusive participation and local capacity in the application of emerging technologies in the Global South. WeRobotics bridges the digital divide by localizing robotics technologies like drones and AI through its growing network of Flying Labs in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the South Pacific, accelerating the social good sector through best practices and training programs and sharing knowledge through its global community.

Sonja is a passionate “Tech for Good” entrepreneur with a longstanding career in SME’s, multinationals and start-ups, including in the drone industry and for digital transformation initiatives. Her strategic advice, operational insights and Design Thinking methods have supported many new ventures to turn their ideas into viable and successful businesses. She believes that technology is a means to an end and that everyone wins by democratizing access to robotics solutions such as drones and AI and the knowledge to apply these solutions safely, responsibly and meaningfully for social good.

Sonja holds Master degrees both in Marketing and SME Management.

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