Michèle Mianza

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Michèle is multi-skilled woman who has worked within the brewing and food industry for 2 years specializing in quality control analyst ,The cosmetic industry for 4 years specializing in sales, team building and marketing. She is in charge of Yajte , a non-profit organization promoting Young Talents and Entrepreneurs worldwide.

Michèle is a dedicated person who is willing to hustle through the struggles to be the best at what she does because she believes that passion is proven by dedication. She has been making  her own website with nearly 15K visitors per month since 2017. She define herself as a new born web developer in charge of 2mk Healthcare, the smart solution to quickly find nearby  healthcare professionals or benefit from first aid in an emergency.

Michèle loves business specifically entrepreneurship.She really admires innovative brands that think out of the box and do things differently.

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Site: www.2mkhealthcare.com

Email: mmianza@2mkhealthcare.com

Email: info@2mkhealthcare.com

LinkedIn https://www.2mkhealthcare.com
Display Name Michèle Mianza
Nickname Miami
Last Name Mianza
First Name Michèle
Email michelle_mianza@yahoo.com