My journey in working in data, Nathalie Feingold, NPBA Founder

Today, as a Corporate and Data Governance specialist, one of my activities is to guide and advise organizations to ensure that their data strategy is aligned with their corporate strategy. Very often, these key issues are non-technical and relate to data quality, data access, data lifecycle, key indicators (…) or relate to corporate governance issues related to data such as risk management, compliance or people skills.

As I work on a rapidly evolving subject, I also dedicate a part of my activity to share knowledge and confront my ideas with international data and AI specialists and academics, as a contributor in several working groups dedicated to the standardization of data approaches and to the acceleration and facilitation of digitalization.

I am all the more comfortable with these topics since I myself was a data analyst for many years: manage data and teams, build models from heterogeneous data, code correctly, find ideas to work around technical or non-technical problems… where my daily activities.

As a conclusion, I can say that working with data is definitely my daily life! 

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     Nathalie Feingold, NPBA Founder