How to make women visible on Wikipedia

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Making women visible on Wikipedia. This is the objective of the movement “Women for Wikipedia.” I had the opportunity to attend the meeting on November 7th in the SRF Fernsehstudio in Zürich. It was the first time that I participated in an ‘Editathon.’

Frankly speaking, if I hadn’t just started my new job as Communication Manager at Wikimedia CH, the association behind Wikipedia and its sister project (, I wouldn’t have gone. But what I experienced there was so exciting that I want to share it with you.

Imagine the setting: about 60 workplaces, lots of cables and plug options, a large TV screen, clipboards with about 100 names on them. A welcome sheet informs us that women in London, Berlin, Moscow, Washington, Ontario, Johannesburg, and Buenos Aires are all meeting at the same time. The intention? Editing biographies of women in Wikipedia. Wow! The live transmissions with some of the concurrent meetings gave us an even more potent impression of being part of something important.

Within three hours, the participants published more than 80 new articles about women, a new record.
This achievement and the fact that something is happening to make women more visible on Wikipedia, has led to remarkable media coverage:

SRF-TV “Glanz & Gloria” (from minute 5:18):–gloria/video/mit-frauen-im-schuss-am-verfassen-und-die-gruen-sehen?id=3e555e77-3eca-4728-9f1b-9489f3fd418f


Three ladies had the idea to create this movement in the German-speaking part of Switzerland: Muriel Staub, member of the board of Wikimedia CH,
Partizia Laeri, TV moderator, and
Katia Murmann, editor in chief of It was the third edition of their Editathon “Frauen für Wikipedia,” but not the last: The next one will take place on April 30th, 2020, in Zürich. So, save the date and participate in this worthwhile and exhilarating exercise.

There is a movement with the same objective in the French-speaking part of Switzerland:
Please contact them if you want to join and support this noble goal for the French pages of Wikipedia.

Find out more:ür_Wikipedia/