How to improve your SEO

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SEO is an essential component of modern day marketing. However is not always easy to understand how to get started.

As a digital marketing professional at, I work daily with clients helping them optimize on-page and off-page website SEO.

How to improve your SEO

In this presentation I share some SEO basics on what’s important, what’s hot, what’s not, and where to begin your SEO journey.

One of the first places to begin, is to understand that Google and others search engine algorithms are constantly changing and evolving in order to give to the end-users the result they are looking for.

Results cannot be manipulated like they could ten years ago. While ranking for keywords depend on many factors, the most important factor to remember is this: If you want your content to rank, it needs to add value and be helpful and useful to the people reading it.

Having said that, it is also important to optimize your website, technically speaking. After all, Google is still a robot and it needs support to understand humans.

  1. Content must be written for the end-users, unique with added value using not only keywords but semantic
  2. Add visual content giving comprehensive name to your picture and adding alt-tag
  3. Write unique and comprehensive Urls for each page
  4. Take care of tags : <title>, <h1>, …
  5. Internal and external linking is important
  6. Adapt your website for mobiles and tablets.

Please go ahead and click and read my presentation below to learn more about SEO. Have questions? Feel free to drop me, Natacha, and email. I’m happy to answer your questions!

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