How to create consistent and personalized consumer journeys

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Do want to learn tips, tricks, and best practices to maximize your CRM potential ?

Make sure to join us on September 30th at 6:30pm with our speaker Fanny Tribala for this new dynamic webinar «  How to create consistent and personalized consumer journeys »

Register for this free webinar – it’s open to both Women in Digital Switzerland members and non-members.

Key take aways:
– What are the fundamentals of Customer journeys .
– How to hand-hold your customers through the various stages of their lifecycle, using automated journeys.
– Where to start with customer journeys? How to build personas, map the touchpoints, understand the customer lifecycle, design journey flows.. through many Examples from various industries.

Meet the Guest speaker ! Fanny Tribalat is passionate about customer-centric culture and CRM tools to support effective marketing and sales. She has 14years of experience in retail luxury marketing and a strong interest in one-to-one marketing.