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Cybersecurity experts on staying safe in the Corona era

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WEBINAR Cybersecurity may be the second-biggest threat of our time. Women in Digital Switzerland recently hosted an online meetup with two cybersecurity experts, Monique J. Morrow and Sandra Tobler. Online meetups in the age of Coronavirus Women in Digital Switzerland organises monthly meetups to discuss the latest tech trends. And because the latest trend is…

How to use LinkedIn to its full potential

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WEBINAR The COVID-19 crisis has imposed a forced acceleration of the digital transformation of companies and continues to do so. Salespeople are increasingly forced to reduce their customer visits, and cold- calling is often very discouraging for many of them. Reaching out to a person you have targeted via LinkedIn, who is indirectly part of…

The power of people in digital transformation

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Lunch & Learn – Session 1 In November we were excited to launch a new format for learning and sharing – WDS Lunch & Learn Series! This format is inspired by community feedback and focuses on sharing actionable insights for the workplace. For this first session of our Lunch & Learn series, we were pleased…

Talk Data to Me! Data visualization: A Whistle-Stop Tour of Tableau

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Talk Data to Me! A Whistle-Stop Tour of Tableau by Fatima Soomro Lausanne Group November Meetup: Introduction: Using data to drive decisions is no longer a nice-to-have but a fundamental requirement. This is true for organizations of all sizes, as well as individuals. But where do I get started, and how? These are two questions…