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Advancing Women in AI

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Launch of the White Paper "AI NEED HER / IA Besoin d'ELLE". Only 22% of the world's Artificial Intelligence professionals are women, compared to 78% who are men, according to LinkedIn data published in the World Economic Forum. (Source: While there is a growing number of women entrepreneurs in the field of technology, this…

How to use LinkedIn to its full potential

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WEBINAR The COVID-19 crisis has imposed a forced acceleration of the digital transformation of companies and continues to do so. Salespeople are increasingly forced to reduce their customer visits, and cold- calling is often very discouraging for many of them. Reaching out to a person you have targeted via LinkedIn, who is indirectly part of…

The power of people in digital transformation

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Lunch & Learn – Session 1 In November we were excited to launch a new format for learning and sharing – WDS Lunch & Learn Series! This format is inspired by community feedback and focuses on sharing actionable insights for the workplace. For this first session of our Lunch & Learn series, we were pleased…