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Cybersecurity experts on staying safe in the Corona era

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WEBINAR Cybersecurity may be the second-biggest threat of our time. Women in Digital Switzerland recently hosted an online meetup with two cybersecurity experts, Monique J. Morrow and Sandra Tobler. Online meetups in the age of Coronavirus Women in Digital Switzerland organises monthly meetups to discuss the latest tech trends. And because the latest trend is…

Sustainability and the Internet of Things: Problem or Solution?

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Sustainability internet of things free webinar

What’s the link between sustainability and the internet of things? Can new technologies improve the climate, or do they just consume even more of our limited resources? Join us online, on 6.30pm May 27, to learn more about the technology that is shaping our future, and the opportunities and the challenges to achieving a sustainable…

#AIknowher – highlighting women in AI

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AI know her: highlighting women in AI

Women are at the forefront of a new wave of artificial intelligence work and research. To highlight women’s work in this emerging tech, the impactIA foundation has partnered with Women in Digital Switzerland.…