Catherine Simondi

Catherine Simondi Marketing and communication manager, Co Founder at Coder Dojo

Elissa Bertot

Elissa Bertot Communications and branding consultant @Favor the Bold Communications

Véronique Giraud

Véronique Giraud Key Account Manager

Laura Ostendorf

Laura Ostendorf Founder at TIQ 2 Sports

Laura Schwarz

Laura Schwarz Sales strategy director @ Magnolia International

Lidia Santos Rico

Lidia Santos Rico Global Digital Marketing & Media Manager at Chiquita

Jane Rowsell

Jane Rowsell Marketing and Communication Specialist at Omnisens SA

Huijing Deng

Huijing Deng IT Business Analyst

Elsa Berthault

Elsa Berthault HR Consultant

Caroline Perriard

Caroline Perriard CEO and co-founder @ BrandIT Consult

Veronique Goy Veenhuys

Veronique Goy Veenhuys Founder & CEO @ Foundation EQUAL-SALARY

Berlinda Nadarajan

Berlinda Nadarajan Content Writer and Editor @ Magnolia

Julie Huguet

Julie Huguet Founder @Coworkees

Jenya Lavicka

Jenya Lavicka Founder of Children-UA NGO and I'll do it myself busy book project

Liliane Maibach

Liliane Maibach Marketing Expert

Agnes Szeberenyi

Agnes Szeberenyi EU Projects Relations and Communications at CERN

Lidia Zabala

Lidia Zabala WDS Zurich Organiser, Digital Marketing Specialist

Clarissa Valaeys

Clarissa Valaeys Digital Creative Director @ ContentPlate

Rebekkah Laeuchli

Rebekkah Laeuchli Digital Marketing Coordinator @ Magnolia

Mialy Mangasoa

Mialy Mangasoa Founder of Cattamada @Cattamada world

Taïssa Charlier

Taïssa Charlier WDS President, Executive Business Coach, Social Media Consultant

Katrin Tzieropoulos

Katrin Tzieropoulos Executive Education Programs @ IMD

Edith Page

Edith Page CEO @ In-fuseon Communication

Victoria Martin Evans

Victoria Martin Evans WDS Digital Editor, International Marketing Specialist

Diana Petra Kicherer

Diana Petra Kicherer PR and Media Manager @ Cartier

Ellen Von Essen

Ellen Von Essen Media Researcher & Educator

Muriel Andriamihaja

Muriel Andriamihaja Senior Project Manager eCommerce @ Johnson & Johnson

Fatima Soomro

Fatima Soomro IT - BI consultant

Sarah Santacroce

Sarah Santacroce LinkedIn Specialist & Trainer, Online

Marta Travieso

Marta Travieso WDS Zug Organiser, International Digital Marketing Manager@ Bristol Myers Squibb

Stephanie Booth

Stephanie Booth Personal Online Presence Consultant at Climb to the Stars

Laurence Zaied

Laurence Zaied Digital Marketing Coach @ SimplySocial

Nathalie Magniez

Nathalie Magniez Head of Digital Marketing Programs, Integrated Campaigns, Content Marketing and Social Media at STMicroelectronics

Milenk Handrik

Milenka Handrik Business Insights Manager

Léa on Muralt

Léa on Muralt Junior IT Consultant @ Ontrex AG

Stephanie Kolwinski

Stephanie Kolwinski Mediamatician/Product Owner @ eCrome Digital AG

Rachel Furusawa

Rachel Furusawa Senior Marketing and Communication Manager

Isabelle Gay-Crosier

Isabelle Gay-Crosier Freelance communication & webmarketing

Ann Marie Carroll

Ann Marie Carroll Digital and Blended Learning Consultant

Feliz Skamser

Feliz Skamser Branding & Creative Consultant

Marie Ozaki

Marie Ozaki Marketing & Communication Manager

Maelle Baud

Maelle Baud Digital Marketing Specialist

Caroline Ciarlet

Caroline Ciarlet Digital Marketing Manager @ Nescens SA

Elizabeth McCreary

Elizabeth McCreary Web Content Editor & Writer

Anne Bonvin Bonfanti

Anne Bonvin Bonfanti Communication manager @ City of Geneva

Corina Lupu

Corina Lupu WDS Twitter social media manager, Digital Marketing Specialist at

Lu Zhang

Lu Zhang Senior Project Manager eCommerce @ InnoPark Suisse SA

Sarah Seyr

Sarah Seyr Program Manager @ Swisscom

Jennifer MacLeod

Jennifer MacLeod Content Producer @ Nuggets from

Gisela Andrade

Gisela Andrade Pr lead @ wewent

Natacha Gajdoczki

Natacha Gajdoczki WDS General Secretary, Digital Marketing Manager@imedia

Anna Ahrenberg

Anna Ahrenberg Digital Marketeer @ The Marketing-ER

Kenza Majbar

Kenza Majbar Project Manager @ Swisscom

Vebi Oei

Vebi Oei Managing Director @JarCake

Lorraine Chandler

Lorraine Chandler Senior Content Strategist @ Magnolia

Nancy Renning

Nancy Renning Content Editor @ Leister AG

Karla Valdovinos

Karla Valdovinos Global Marketing Coordinator at Bracco

Renée Lechner

Renée Lechner Prorektorin Wirtschaftsmittelschule @ Kantonsschule am Brühl

Kathleen Morf

Kathleen Morf Graphic Designer

Liz Wilson

Liz Wilson WDS Organiser Basel, Global Communications Specialist

Joanie Waelti

Joanie Waelti WDS Facebook social media manager, ITIL Manager

Sara Zbinden

Sara Zbinden Junior Product Manager @ Villars Maître Chocolatier

Marie-Pierre Vidonne

Marie-Pierre Vidonne Information specialist @ Innovea

Kelly Hungerford

Kelly Hungerford WDS Vice President, Freelance Digital and Social Media

Alejandra Garcia Rojas

Alejandra Garcia Rojas Senior Cyber Security Engineer at Kudelski Security

Vladka Mervova

Vladka Mervova Owner @ La Brella

Marie-Hélène Tremblay

Marie-Hélène Tremblay Business & Relationship Developer

Jennifer Burke

Jennifer Burke Content strategist (omnichannel), and content marketing specialist at

Mira Nupponen

Mira Nupponen Fundraising, Advocacy and Communications Volunteer at Graduate Women International